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The Mindful Lab @ SHEconomy

The Mindful Lab @ SHEconomy

We live in an age of distraction.

Our attention can be pulled away in many directions at any given time. We search for more, thinking that if we only (fill in the blank), then we will have enough, be enough. We struggle to stay focused, to stay engaged with those right next to us. We make connections with others across the globe but are unaware of our own needs, as well as the needs of those closest to us. ​ ​

Mindfulness can help us have more clarity, and be more content as well as connected with those around us. The practice itself is simple… the application is powerful.

​ Mindfulness is the practice of observing your current experience with an attitude of acceptance.

  • ​ It’s about noticing those unhelpful thoughts… then letting them go.
  • ​ It's about being able to focus on the task at hand when we need to.
  • ​ ​ It’s about being aware of our bodies and the information we are getting, and then honoring that information by doing what is needful.
  • It’s about being able to experience all those human feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them.
  • It’s about accepting our imperfections, and being kind to ourselves.
There are many studies that show that mindfulness can have significant changes in decreasing stress, increasing positive feelings, increasing attention, and improving physical well-being. A regular practice of mindfulness has shown to result in changes in the brain.

People around the world have been benefitting from the practice of mindfulness for thousands of years. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the practice of mindfulness has changed personalities, contributed to trauma healing, increased confidence, and improved relationships.

If you are ready to experience the power of a mindfulness practice, sign up today for one of the programs listed.

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